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Most of us grew up with some experience of playing Lego®. We know how the colorful bricks sparked joy and creativity. For some of us, sadly, the bricks seem to lose their magic when we grow up.

As a team of Lego® enthusiasts, however, we feel that Lego® does not only belong to children or hard core Lego® fans. We believe it is much more than a toy, and there is definitely more to the world of Lego® than some official sets rolled out by the company.

We believe the potential to building and enjoying Lego® is unlimited, and most importantly, Lego® is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or skills.

Based in Singapore, we are committed to introducing Lego® to a broader audience from both near and far. We strive to build interesting MOCs (a Lego® fan term meaning "my own creations") and produce quality Lego®-related designs and artwork.

Apart from offering our small but growing collection, we also work with corporate and individual clients, hospitals and schools in designing and producing custom builds and printed items. Everything from concept and design to printing and packaging is done within our own studio locally.

In the meantime, we collaborate with fellow Lego® artists and designers on special projects and classes.

If you are keen on creating and buying parts for your own builds, be sure to check out our online store, mocsRus, on BrickLink.

Whether your project is big or small, whether you are looking for something for yourself or a special gift for your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Happy building!